Expressa’t en Valencià.

Promoting the use of the Valencian language in the day-to-day.

To promote the use of the Valencian language in the day-to-day, the Plataforma de Normalització Lingüística (Platform for Linguistic Normalization) released in 2010 a campaign to be distributed in the type of businesses that tend to get more foot traffic daily.

My proposal aimed to be very low budget so it could be produced in larger quantities and have a bigger reach. It consists of eight reduced-size posters, as well as their respective supports for the counter, and badges for the staff. All of them printed with a single spot ink to reduce printing costs.

With the slogan, “Express yourself in Valencian”, I tried to have the viewers of the campaign to get in a mindset of doing things in Valencian and not only to speak it. The word “expressa’t” works also as a differentiator from Spanish since the double “s” and the apostrophe are not found in the Spanish language but are common in Valencian words.

expressat en valencia 1 expressat en valencia 2 expressat en valencia 3 expressat en valencia 4 expressat en valencia 5 expressat en valencia 6 expressat en valencia 7 expressat en valencia 8